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Meet the Team-Virtual Introductions: Aika Erlandson

Hi my name is like Aika Erlandson and I am one of the Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associates at Austin STRONG Relationship Building Center. The population that I love to work with are children, parents, couples, and young adults. With children and teens I love working with them around anxiety, panic attacks, and difficulties with transitions. That can be working on anything from having parents get a divorce, moving into a new city or a new school, moving from living with parents on to going off to college or living on your own. I love working with parents around responding to their children in a way that is going to foster a secure bond and deepen that connection of trust and safety with their children. With couples, I am a certified premarital counselor. I have my certification in the PREPARE/Enrich model, which will get you $60 off on your marriage license if you complete 8 sessions. Premarital counseling will involve building relational skills and assessing areas of need in the relationship before you get married so you will be prepared with the skills to have a successful marriage. I do also love working with couples that are having a lot of distress and feeling really disconnected in their relationship. Whether that includes having a lot of fights, or feeling disconnected emotionally or physically. In the sessions, I enjoy working with rebuilding trust, safety, and secure bonds with each other. Just to share my own personal experience, I do come from a multicultural family. My mom is an immigrant from Japan, and my dad is white and was born and raised in America; therefore, I do have my own personal experience and sense of connection with that multicultural, immigrant population as well. My husband is also an active duty in the military, so that's also another population that I do feel connected to and passionate about working with them. If you have any questions or would like to have a free 15-minute consultation with me, feel free to email or call me and I would love to chat with you! You can contact me at: or 724-634-8882

To learn more or to book with Aika click here

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Forgive my ignorance but what would be the difference between working with a marriage coach and a marriage counselor or therapist? I'm trying to decide what's the best fit for my marriage. Thanks!

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