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Individual Therapy


At Austin STRONG: Relationship Building Center, we offer the skills and the knowledge to help you through the difficult times, rebuild your connection, and keep the spark alive in your relationship. No matter the bump in your relationship road, we are here to help you navigate it successfully. 



Specialty Services

The STRONG Relationship Model

Gottman Therapy

Sex Therapy

Affair Recovery

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy


Discernment Therapy 



We believe that nothing is more important to the success of your marriage than preparing for it before it begins. Couples who attend premarital counseling have a higher rate of success and are happier in their marriages later on in life. Don't just get ready for the wedding, prepare for the marriage. 


Austin STRONG: Relationship Building Center is a State of Texas approved

Premarital Education Provider.


Complete 8 hours of premarital education sessions to receive a discount on your Texas marriage license.

Good for one year from date of completion.


PREPARE/Enrich Counseling Model


Gottman Marital Therapy Model

The most important relationship that a person has is the one with themselves. There is a strong connection between self-discovery and success in life and relationships. Healthy relationships with others begins with a healthy relationship within you. Come and see what living your best life will look like. Begin today!


Specialty services


EMDR Therapy

Sobriety/Recovery Support

Trauma Counseling

Anti-Racism Support

Sexual Identity Exploration

Healing Relational Trauma

Attachment Therapy

Not sure what your needs are? 


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