Planning Your Future

We believe that nothing is more important to the success of your marriage than preparing for it before it begins. Studies have shown that couples who attend premarital counseling have a higher rate of success and are happier in their marriages later on in life.

With that in mind, we offer premarital counseling sessions focused on setting yourself and your partner up for success in your new life together. Each premarital session is centered around specific topics such as:

Attachment Styles 

Love Languages 

Communication Skill-building 

Conflict Management 

Financial Planning

Gender Roles

Marital Expectations 

Cross-Cultural Relationships

Blending Families

Parenting and Co-Parenting

Family Planning

Relational Intimacy

Sexual Functioning 

...and more!

In our first session we will meet and create a session plan that works for your relationship and the areas you both want to focus on building in your new marriage and in your newlywed life together.

PREPARE/Enrich Full Assessment (8 x 50 minute Therapy Sessions)

Austin STRONG: Relationship Building Center is a Twogether in Texas Premarital Education Provider. Complete 8 hours of premarital education sessions to receive a discount on your Texas marriage license.

(Couples that complete this course receive a $60 credit towards your Texas marriage license.)


Aika Erlandson, LMFT-A  and Savannah Stanley, LPC-I are our premarital counseling providers.


Both are PREPARE/Enrich Certified to help set new couples up for success in married life. Sessions with Aika or Savannah will cover all the areas and issues necessary to ensure that a newly engaged couple feels confident in their next steps of life together.

Finishing the PREPARE/Enrich program with Aika or Savannah allows an engaged couple to receive a certificate and a discount on their marriage license in the state of Texas.