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Welcome to Austin - Finding New Roots

With Austin being the fastest growing city in the US currently, people from all over are moving to this very energetic city looking to meet and form new connections with others.

However, moving to a new city can be challenging in a few different ways. Not only are you changing your environment, but you might also be leaving friends and family behind. The things that you may have relied on for stability in the past may no longer be a part of your every day life. Whatever your reason for moving to Austin, here are some tips and ideas for you to look at to help ease your transition here:

At work

It can seem like a daunting task getting to know your coworkers at a new job and in a new city, and with COVID moving many employees online one can often feel alone when at work. One way to possibly get closer to those that you work with is by asking someone you can sense a connection with out for a walk or coffee after work. Starting with putting yourself out there as someone who is not only a great co-worker, but a great person as well, allows others to get to know you as a full individual and form connections that go beyond the workplace.

Dating/Friendship Apps

Since Austin is a large city, there are a number of individuals to meet. With the help of dating and friendship apps, it can be much easier to meet new people. Depending on what you are particularly looking for, there are different preference options for looking for a partner and looking for just a friend (Bumble offers a BumbleBFF option).

Some apps to consider:

Extra fun things to try (alone or with new friends)

Austin is a thriving city with so much to offer! Fun Things to Do in Austin This Summer The list of things to do is endless, but when moving here it can sometimes feel overwhelming not knowing where to go or what to do. Here are a few general ideas of what you could do either alone or with a new friend or partner!

  • Explore Austin’s nightlife scene (Rainey Street, 4th Street, 6th Street, The Domain)

  • Get outside (Barton Springs (natural swimming hole), Lady Bird Lake, Zilker park, Lake Travis)

    • Paddle boarding, kayaking, sand volleyball, etc.

  • Try different coffee places and/or restaurants (endless possibilities!) Here are some Instagram accounts to follow that review places around Austin:

@thehungrylonghorn @thehonestfoodist @browngirlsfoodclub

Follow Austin Socials

So much is always happening in Austin that it can be hard to keep up with sometimes, but there are a couple of Instagram accounts that are up to date with everything that is going on in Austin.

  • @365thingsaustin

  • @whenwherewhataustin

Reach out for support

Planting roots in a new city can feel daunting, but there is support out there if you feel stuck trying to make new connections, get out of your comfort zone, or find stability in a new environment. Accepting that there will be a period of adjustment for yourself will help you to normalize any feelings of loss, sadness, grief, as well as excitement, joy, and hope!

However, a new move can be overwhelming and can put strain on your mental health and on your relationships as well. If you need emotional, relational, or mental health support, Austin STRONG can provide you with the support that you need to live a fulfilled life in your new city. Visit our team page to see if there is a clinician who resonates with you. Or reach out to schedule a free consultation to talk about your therapy needs and which clinician may be a good fit. Together, we can help you put your best foot forward.


Contributed by Leila Abel for Austin STRONG: RBC

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