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New Beginnings

As Texas begins to lift the restrictions on the shelter in place order many Austinites, including your therapists here at Austin STRONG, are looking forward to the possibility of re-connecting as a community. We believe that access to mental health is extremely important, particularly in times of stress and crisis, so we will be opening to in-person clients once again on a case-by-case basis.

Not all of our therapists will be offering in-person sessions, so please contact your individual therapist directly for their current in-office availability. Although there is much to look forward to, as a practice we still want to do our part in exercising caution throughout the re-opening process to help prevent a second wave of infections.

Telehealth has been a boon during this time and we will continue to offer it as an option to new and existing clients. However, with the limitations of technology and lack of privacy at home, we know that not everyone has been able to consistently access mental health services. If you are a new client who needs in-person options, please let us know in your initial contact form.

The protective sanitization measures we put in place at all of our office locations to protect our therapists and clients prior to the shelter in place orders will be re-instated. You can read the protective measures we take here.

A new protective measure we will also add to that list is keeping one clinician to one office day per week to eliminate cross-exposure between therapists and lessen office traffic. Each clinician will also increase the time buffer between clients to minimize the likelihood of exposure between clients.

With that said, in-office appointments will be limited. If you are able to maintain a therapeutic connection via Telehealth, we would like to ask that you please continue to choose to do so. This will help keep our in-office time slots available for those who do not have access to telehealth options due to lack of technology or privacy during the quarantine.

With good wishes for a healthy future for all, we look forward to tackling this new change with your support.

Thank you and please reach out if you have any questions or concerns. We love to hear from you!

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