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Meet the Team-Virtual Introductions: Patrick Harris

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Hello, My name is Patrick Harris, I am a psychotherapist here at Austin STRONG Relationship Building Center as an LPC-Intern. I come with 7 years of experience in community based mental health where I spent my time working with the severely mentally ill population, developmentally delayed infants, and adolescents who were at risk of out of home placement. I have also run domestic violence groups, worked in in-patient psychiatric hospitals, answered crisis calls at the local crisis hotline, taught mental health first aid, and a mental health volunteer with the Red Cross. I am currently accepting new clients for both individual and couples counseling. We would be good fit if you are an individual who is seeking help with life transition issues, persistent depression or anxiety, or overall life dissatisfaction. I am also licensed in tobacco cessation through Rutgers University and can help those interested in quitting smoking. For couples, I enjoy working with those who feel stuck, or that they have lost their spark but are motivated to get it back, and those who may be early on in the relationship, but are wanting to lay the foundation for healthy communication and trust. I enjoy topics such as healthy conflict resolution, exploring boundaries, and helping partners advocate their wants and needs. I practice from a person centered approach which recognizes you as being the expert of you, which means my role is an active passenger. I liken it to a road trip where you are in the driver’s seat, and I am the passenger holding a map and making observations. I also enjoy bringing therapeutic humor and connection into the session. In fact I am a member of the association for applied therapeutic humor, and have been trained in the art of care at the Gesundheit institute by none other than Dr Patch Adams. Finally, I am currently pursuing a PhD in Mind-Body Medicine with an emphasis in integrated mental health. My studies focus on mindfulness applications in psychotherapy to address persistent anxiety and increase our moment to moment awareness. Something we desperately need in this increasingly digital world. If you are interested in working together, I encourage you to reach out for a phone call or email to set up a free consultation appointment and see if we would be a good fit! Again, I am Patrick Harris, and my email can be found on the website or right below. I look forward to hearing from you! WEB: or EMAIL: Learn more or book with Patrick

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Forgive my ignorance but what would be the difference between working with a marriage coach and a marriage counselor or therapist? I'm trying to decide what's the best fit for my marriage. Thanks!

01 mars 2021
En réponse à

Hi Scott, Thank you for your question! A Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Licensed Professional Counselor will both have a minimum of a Masters degrees in Mental Health and have completed the required supervision and education requirements to be state licensed in their field of practice. They also are required to adhere to certain requirements ie: HIPAA compliance, continuing education courses etc. in order to maintain an active license. When going to a marriage counselor or therapist, there is a standard of practice that you as the client can expect from the experience. You have a licensing board that you can rely on to protect you if the therapist or counselor in any way conducts malpractice. Also, there ar…

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