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Meet Elizabeth- Our Intern

Hello everyone, my name is Elizabeth Ortiz and I am a current Intern at Austin STRONG: Relationship Building Center. I am completing my Practicum there and am very excited to start working with couples or individuals that are seeking counseling.

I am starting these short vlogs to share with you guys a little bit about myself but also to share a little bit about why Premarital counseling is a good tool to utilize in any relationship. I myself am recently engaged and am currently living with my fiancée, this has brought on new experiences and new challenges everyday but they are all welcome and we are both ready to handle any curve ball life throws at us. And of course, the first curve ball we get hit with is a global Pandemic.This has definitely put a halt on majority of our wedding planning ideas and it has definitely caused a bit of stress in the household.

If any of ya’ll are in the same boat, don’t you worry. Even for a premarital counselor like myself, these are trying times for any couple. And although the pandemic is a unique -hopefully once in a lifetime experience--if you think about it, if you’re going to spend a lifetime with your partner--you will probably face stressful times in the future as well. With that said, there is no better way to prepare yourself for a STRONG marriage, then to get it started on a solid foundation. One of the ways you can do that is by completing premarital counseling. In the PREPARE/Enrich model of premarital counseling- which I am trained in- you and your partner will complete an assessment that will show you your similarities and differences in 12 different areas. These areas are issues that are core values for many couples, and things that will make a difference in your relationship long-term -depending on if it is a strength area, or an area of growth. A few of these areas are: conflict, communication, sex, financial management, leisure activities and more. Although the pandemic has many drawbacks, you and your partner can still use this time to get premarital counseling together. I am fully telehealth certified and currently taking new clients. Any couple who completes the Prepare/Enrich course with me will also receive a discount on the marriage license in the state of Texas- good for one year after completing the course. So, reach out! You can contact me through the Austin STRONG website at: In the next video I will explain the 5 types of couples and what that means for long-term relational health. See you soon! Book a free phone consult with Elizabeth or one of our other counselors today: Talk to Us

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