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Hello, I'm Nick Bachicha

I am the Graduate Level Intern at Austin STRONG, and am currently finishing up my master’s degree in clinical mental health at Adler graduate school, a Minnesota based school in which advocates the holistic approach to human health and development. I will be continuing my education under the guidance and supervision of Kristal DeSantis for my practicum this winter of 2023.

Although I have a B.A. from the University of Texas at Austin, I have spent the past decade as a swim coach/instructor to age group swimmers 3-18. Over this time I realized that beyond the races won, the most fulfilling part of my job was both the human connection, and helping those young individuals process and face tough challenges in their lives. I seek to continue this goal in my work here at Austin STRONG.

One thing about me is I believe all of life is a process, and that we must find our own balance between what we take in and what we push back into the world. In a more tangible example, I love listening to podcasts and lectures, reading non-fiction books, as well as writing songs, poetry, and essays. I have a daily practice of meditation as well as love walking trails with my corgi cattle dog Reggie – they call them “cowboy corgis”.

P.S. My last name is pronounced Ba-chee-cha


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Therapy with me

The process of therapy is not always easy or comfortable, so I seek to create a warm and safe place for
you to explore those layers, to help you take control of the threads that consciously or unconsciously
run through your life, and to help you design and get the most out of the life you want to live. This said,
the type of work we do will depend on your personal needs, and what you want to accomplish together.

As a team we each will have a role to play - You are the expert on you, and it’s my job to help you
remove obstacles, clarify goals, and to develop skills/build upon our strengths. Without getting too jargon heavy, I have a interpersonal style of therapy that builds around our genuine connection through empathy, respect, and trust. I also utilize the holistic relationship between mind body, and environment, as well as grounding techniques such as deep breathing, mindfulness, and meditation.

If we wanted to throw in a few notes of jargon, I would say I have a humanistic style that is person-
centered, psychodynamic informed, as well as draws upon many CBT and experiential techniques. 
In working with couples, increasing safety, trust, and open communication is foundational in providing a
structure for both partners to feel they are understood, respected, and that they have a shared vision
they can both belong and contribute to.

Contact Me

I am currently screening new clients to add to my caseload. I offer virtual and in-person meeting options. If you are interested in a phone consultation with me, please reach out. 

Supervised by Kristal DeSantis, LMFT #202415 


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