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Elizabeth Explains: The 5 Types of Couples in Counseling

TRANSCRIPT: Hello everyone, my name is Elizabeth Ortiz and I am a current Intern at Austin STRONG. I am completing my Practicum there and am very excited to start working with couples or individuals that are seeking counseling. I am starting these short vlogs to share with you guys a little bit about myself but also to share a little bit about why Premarital counseling is a good tool to utilize in any relationship. In my last video, I talked about how Premarital counseling can help get you and your partner set up for a healthy and STRONG long-term relationship. So that actually leads me into giving you guys a bit of information on the different Couple Types that are often seen in a counseling session. We first have the “Vitalized” couples, and these are the couples that tend to have the highest levels of relationship satisfaction. These are also the couples that score a very high all-around score when they take the PCA, which stands for positive Couple Agreement. Next we have the “Harmonious and the Conventional” couples, and these are the ones that tend to have a more moderate relationship satisfaction, as well as a moderate score on the PCA. The “conventional” couple, however, also tend to have a lower PCA when it comes to communication and conflict, which often times results in a higher PCA score in Roles and Spiritual Beliefs. And finally the “conflicted” and “devitalized” couples, these are the couples that tend to have moderately low to low levels of couples satisfaction and PCA. And, a quick side note, The Devitalized couples ONLY applies to married couples. So after learning about these 5 types of couples that are often seen in a session, I do not want you all to go home and start to categorize yourself and your partner. That is NOT the purpose of this video, and truly, one can never really know what type of a person we are in a relationship on our own. It often takes an outside unbiased source, to really help us, if we are seeking that help, of course. So this is the end of today’s vlog, I hope you guys learned a bit about how Premarital counseling works, at least in the types of couples that are often categorized at the beginning of a counseling session. I hope you guys enjoyed it and got to know me a little better, and if you are looking to improve your relationships, or get your marriage started on the right foot, please reach out! You can contact me through the Austin STRONG website at And of course it does not have to be about premarital counseling or marriage counseling, I also offer individual counseling sessions for anxiety, depression, and work/life skills. Thank you all so much and gave a great day!

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