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All of our therapists are Licensed by the State of Texas as Licensed Professional Counselor-Associates and/or Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists/Associates under external clinical supervision.
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Pros of Telehealth
More flexibility for scheduling
Convenience – meet with your therapist from any location (keeping privacy in mind)
Privacy – you will not run into anyone you know at the office
Accessibility for individuals with physical limitations or living in remote locations

Cons of Telehealth
Technology glitches or issues with internet
Client and therapist must be located in the same state (per state board rules)
Potential interruptions from family members/roommates
Not appropriate for serious psychiatric concerns

Is Teleheath for me?
Telehealth is not for everyone and definitely has its pros and cons. I make sure to do my best to ensure a safe and confidential setting for every session, and to minimize any technological difficulties. I strongly adhere to confidentiality and the platform I use is HIPAA compliant to ensure privacy each step of the way. Take time to consider if you believe telehealth could work for you. I am also happy to discuss this further with you, should you have additional questions. 



All our Austin STRONG: Relationship Building Center therapists work with both

Individuals and Couples.

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