Hello, I'm Taylor Cnudde

Licensed Professional Counselor-Associate #85981

Certified Clinical Trauma Professional #235425
Supervised by Cynthia Netting, LPC-Supervisor

I have always been fascinated with the human experience, how our minds work and how our minds create the lives we life. This deep interest in our shared human experience led me to earn my bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Michigan State University. I then went on to earn a Master’s in Professional Counseling and School Counseling and eventually to get my license in Professional Counseling.

The last 9 years have given me the opportunity to work with children, adolescents, adults, and couples in a variety of settings. 


I am originally from Michigan, but I moved to Austin several years ago and love it here. I also love traveling, art, live music and yoga.  

*My last name is pronounced ka-newdee*

Therapy with me

 Everyone has a story, and as your therapist it’s my job to create a safe and welcoming space to help you explore that story and how it has affected your life; what you may be downplaying, emphasizing, or leaving out. While therapy is a different process for everyone, connection, with ourselves and others, is fundamental to living a meaningful life. Whether you are struggling in your relationship with yourself or others, therapy will provide the tools for you to learn new ways of thinking and behaving, so you can live the life you want to live.


I am passionate about working with both individuals and couples of all ages, on a variety of issues. Through the course of your life, you have formed certain patterns of thinking or behaving, and while these patterns may have served you for a time and actually helped you survive, now they may be getting in the way of you living a fulfilling, happy life. Together we can explore the underlying patterns that are keeping you stuck in life circumstances that are no longer serving you. I look forward to being on this journey with you.

I may be a good fit for you if:
"You feel stuck, unfulfilled or unmotivated.

You’re new to therapy and looking for a welcoming space to begin the process. 

You have experienced trauma and want to process in a safe space.

You and your partner want to build a STRONG relationship.

You want to work toward deeper self-compassion, understanding and acceptance.

You want to reconnect with yourself or your partner. 

You want to learn new coping skills for stress or anxiety."

My Passions and Areas of Specialization

Stress Management & Self Care
Highly Sensitive Persons/Empaths
Self-Esteem & Self-Compassion 
Body Image & Disordered Eating 
Life Transitions 

Attachment Issues
Building Healthy Communication
Conflict Resolution 
Recovery from infidelity 
Premarital Counseling

My Modalities:

The STRONG Model of Relational Therapy

Gottman Marital Therapy 
Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy
Emotion Focused Therapy
Attachment Theory
Trauma Focused
Positive Psychology

Contact Me

I'm currently adding new clients to my caseload. I have openings for virtual and in-person sessions at the South Office location.


Please reach out for a free consultation to see if I might be a good fit for your counseling needs.