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Hello, I'm Rae Comeau

Licensed Professional Counselor-Associate #81321
Supervised by Emily Slaughter, LPC-Supervisor

Professional School Counselor

200 Hour Hatha and FlowYoga Teacher 

Hello and congratulations on your decision to seek therapy! This is a courageous first step towards the life you want to live. My name is Rae, and I am here to listen, guide, and be a compassionate witness to your journey.

Being a therapist is a great gift, and it is an honor to collaborate with you on your personal journey. When I am not “in the chair”, I enjoy spending time walking and playing with my dog Sigmund, playing bass in a local band or two, reading fantasy and sci-fi graphic novels, playing board games and D&D (online, but maybe soon in person!), cooking, trees, and watching nerdy TV and movies. I am LGBTQIA+ affirming and doing my own personal work to be culturally responsive and responsible.

*My last name is pronounced cuh-moe*

Therapy with me

I provide therapy that is client-centered, curious, and creative, and will work with you to identify and explore barriers and survival patterns that are keeping you from living a life where you are authentically and fully present.

I am a firm believer in the healing potential of play, enjoyment, and imagination, so sessions with me can include art therapy, storytelling, games, and role play, depending on how you would like to explore your world. 

Therapy has the power of transforming lives both individually and collectively, and I am passionately committed to creating a therapeutic space that is welcoming, culturally sensitive, respectful, and curious. If you are experiencing disconnection, grief, a difficult transition or loss, and are looking to explore your edges, embrace your identity, and deepen connection with yourself, your life, and your relationships, I would love to meet with you. In our sessions together, you will be supported as you process the ways developmental trauma is impacting your current life choices, and I will work with you to find strategies that can help you break free from old stuck patterns. 

I may be a good fit for you if:

"You are feeling disconnected from yourself or your loved ones and want to (re)discover what lights you up.

You want to work with a therapist who has lots of life experience, is warm and nurturing, and brings a sense of humor and compassionate honesty. 

You want a collaborator to help you create ethical relationship structures that feel authentic and fulfilling for all parties. 

You are ready to examine any trauma and clear away stale patterns that no longer serve you.

You want to work with a therapist who is a self-identified geek and embraces the culture. 

You want to build a STRONG relationship with yourself and those who are important to you.

You seek a partner and respectful witness on your journey to embody your true identity, sexuality, and purpose."

My Passions and Areas of Specialization


Grief and Loss


Sex Therapy

Consensual Non-Monogamy

My Modalities:

The STRONG Model of Relational Therapy

EFT Couples Therapy
Therapeutic Game Master
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
NARM Level 1
Imago Relationship Therapy
Theraplay and Marschack
Intervention Method, Level 1


Contact Me

I'm currently adding new clients to my caseload. I am online only at the moment, but that may change in the future. 


Please reach out for a free consultation to see if I might be a good fit for your counseling needs.