Hello, I'm Ariana DeAndrado

Licensed Professional Counselor #84209
Certified Clinical Trauma Professional

EMDR Trained

200 hr Registered Yoga Teacher  

As humans many things are out of our control; all we can do is control our reactions. Life can throw a plethora of things at us that knock us off course and tear our world apart . Many times we can feel stuck in our reactionary patterns and that can feel  like an unbreakable vicious cycle. In my sessions I work with you to become aware of your patterns that are not serving you anymore. From there we identify goals in creating new patterns that best serve you.  I offer tools and resources along the way and aid you in cultivating self compassion and trust in yourself, along with a space to process all the things that happened to you on your life journey. 


I possess an innate desire to understand each individual and couple’s unique perspectives and circumstances. This allows me to create a safe non-judgemental space for clients in the therapy room. I support clients in a collaborative space allowing them to express what they need from sessions.  I work from the perspective that we all have growing edges in life and I’m here to support you working on yours. Human beings need connection to others and to themselves.

Therapy with me

Entering a therapy room for the first time can feel intimidating. As a counselor I truly strive for an environment where the client can explore the presenting concerns and underlying patterns that brought them to seeking services in the first place. I actively listen from a compassionate and curious place, witnessing along with holding space for the vulnerability in the therapeutic journey. I believe that we all have an inner sense of what is best for ourselves; sometimes we just need tools to help tap into it. I strive to create a safe and empathetic environment where you feel seen and heard. 


I have been a client myself for many years which is a gigantic reason behind why I pursued this field. The bond between therapist and client is sacred and built upon safety and trust which I intimately understand and respect. I enjoy working with clients on nurturing the connection between the mind and body. It is powerful!  I enjoy working through processing life events that have occurred with individuals or couples. I love to provide resources for my clients such as books, meditations, or podcast recommendations.

I may be a good fit for you if:

"You want to examine intergenerational patterns in your family's history and explore how they are impacting you."

"You want to cultivate mindful practices in your life and find a deeper connection to yourself."

"You are considering therapy for the first time and are unsure of the process."

" You and your partner are experiencing disconnection and intimacy issues. You want to work through and repair them."

" You have lived experiences of trauma and want to process them in a safe container."

My Passions and Areas of Specialization



Mind-Body Connection Awareness

Anxiety including panic attacks

Work Stress

Burn Out/Restlessness

Body Image 


Couples in high conflict 

Healthy Communication

Relational Issues/Boundaries 

Sex and Intimacy

My Trainings and Modalities:

Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist

EMDR Trained

DEEP Trained- In Process as of 9/20

Emotion Focused Therapy

Attachment Based

Narrative Therapy

Dialectical Behavior Therapy(DBT)

Contact Me

I'm currently adding new clients to my caseload. I have openings for virtual and in-person sessions at the South Office location.

If you would like to book a consultation with me, please reach out!