Nikki Williams



Licensed Professional Counselor-Associate

Supervised by Linda Marten



My Hours:

Cedar Park Office

 Mondays 1-5 pm
Tuesdays 12-5 pm
Thursdays 11 am-5 pm

*Additional hours available on a limited basis. Please don't hesitate to ask about options*

Contact Me:

(512) 710-7291

How would you describe therapy with you?

Slow down and listen to yourself. Let your life speak. Allow me to assist you in taking
the time to notice when you feel connected to yourself and your relationships as well
as what it’s like for you during times of disconnection. Our families and histories
provide a frame for how we understand present circumstances and lingering
difficulties are often rooted in how we interpret the story of our life. What would it
feel like to discover wisdom in what you’re struggling with…new meaning…expanded
possibilities? My desire is to see you empowered: drawing from internal strength, utilizing resources, and connected to healthy community. I
’ll meet you where you are with empathy and humor.

My Passions: ​
I am passionate about engaging people in the practice of reconnecting to their
bodies. Our bodies are a record of everything that we’ve experienced. Becoming
more aware of our wholeness (body-mind-spirit) gives us flexibility; the ability to work through difficult feelings and interactions with others.  Flexibility invites curiosity instead of fear in getting to know yourself at a deeper level. You can find confidence in how you show up in life, trusting that your words and actions are authentic. 

​My Specialties:
 Developmental Trauma (adult survivors of childhood trauma)
 Anxiety & Panic Attacks
 Couples in High Conflict
 Recovery from Infidelity
 Depression
 BIPOC Concerns & Trauma
 PTSD/C-PTSD Recovery
 Relational Issues & Boundaries
 Building Healthy Communication
 Navigating Blended Families
 Body Image & Dysmorphia
 Life Balance & Self-care
 Spiritual Exploration & Wounding
 Career Transitions  Purpose Oriented Coaching

My Integrated Modalities:
 EMDR – Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing Therapy
 ETT – Emotional Transformation Therapy
 IPNB (Interpersonal Neurobiology) – Polyvagal Theory & Attachment Based
 Somatic Therapy
 Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
 Bowen Family Systems
 IFS – Internal Family Systems

 Gottman Marital Therapy
 PREPARE/Enrich Premarital Counseling


My Personal Journey:
A decade ago, being a therapist was not on my radar. I previously worked in higher
education, as a professor navigating the tenure-track. Life has a way of intervening in
our plans. I found myself perpetually stressed and struggling to live a life that
included joy. During this time I came to realize two important truths: I loved teaching
(helping others gain/use knowledge) and I was pursuing a path that I thought I
should, not one that I actually wanted. That was the catalyst that led me to choose
my own healing from past trauma. I made a break from the family culture that that
expected achievement at any cost, even physical health and mental well-being.
Healing myself lead me back to school for a MA in counseling. Today I’m honored to
be an advocate, helping people break the cycles that burden and bind them. Patterns
of pain and suffering are not inevitable; small, purposeful shifts in body/mind can
produce life-altering changes.

“Self-care is the constant practice of not letting more pain accumulate. It is about
continually remembering that our lives are of value. It is the active process of settling
our nervous systems so we have more access to the present moment.” ~Susan Raffo